Ethical behavior, quality character, honesty, moral integrity- style does one in business view these mortal attributes? I tend to view them as a given with the people I interact in both the business world and in my particular life as well. I anticipate the stylish from people yet keep my eyes open for behavior that contradicts my prospects. Collier County Business Brokers

I’m a business broker grounded in Florida. In the profession of helping those buy and vend businesses. In my profession, as with utmost all professions you have what some consider good business brokers, bad business brokers, and OK business brokers. Most all diligence have the good, the bad, and the normal. Is it ethical practices which help define the good, bad or OK?

I lately endured a business exertion that made me take special note of a business behavior conduct. principally, we had a verbal understanding and agreement regarding a business relationship we’d enter into contractually. While driving to meet with customer to subscribe the documents that outlined our agreement my customer was approached by others.

The customer and I had no spoken agreement between us. The customer could potentially go in another direction which could bring me a fair quantum of plutocrat. I had left at 500 am to drive 6 hours to meet customer and about1/2 hour before I got to our meeting he called me to tell me of this other situation. After harkening to what he’d on his mind, I was kindly pleased when he also asked me how long before I could get there and we could subscribe our papers and I could represent him with this prospective buyer of his business. He told me he felt he demanded the backing of my representation, yet he could of handled the situation so important else. Before this exchange I viewed this implicit customer as a good, honest, straight forward individual. His conduct corroborated to me the value of dealing with a person of good character.

I’ve participated this story with several of my musketeers that are business possessors and their response was fairly common. They too also greatly value dealing with a person of good character. But that fact that those around me hold business connections with those of good character in similar high regard, makes me realize good character from others is a precious yet kindly limited commodity.

A many weeks back my teenage son and I were talking of the Tiger Woods situation regarding his numerous proved affairs. We both are active golfers and had respected Tiger Woods golf chops over the last 10 times.

Golf is an intriguing game and it has been said that one can learn further about a person in one round of golf than you can in multiple office grounded meetings. I asked my son that if Tiger Woods had” cheated” on his woman and family, do you suppose he may have cheated on golf. My son said,” No,” I said,” Why?” He said that he thinks Tiger Woods views golf so importantly that he wouldn’t cheat on golf. So I asked him the egregious,” So you suppose he views cheating on golf to be worst than cheating on your woman and family and that’s where he draws the line?” My teenage son said,” Yes.”

I’ve been associated with several different associations, associations, and trade groups. I still get a little surprised that numerous of these similar groups feel compelled to educate ethics. I’m in the profession of being a business broker and I work with individualities and businesses in the process of buying and dealing businesses. I consider the fact that I’ll treat my guests and guests in an honest, ethical, and moral manner as a given, yet when I witness others that” constantly take the high road” I take special notice. I’ve been a member of the business community for several decades and fete that utmost all of us are on a hunt to increase fiscal gain. Where does ethical behavior

fit in that blend?

* Do you feel business ethics can be tutored and learned by all in the business world?

* Is business ethics much different than normal ethics one utilizes in the everyday game of life?

* Can ethics be tutored to a 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 time old? Or is it ingrained in you before you enter the pool?

* Is it OK to treat someone immorally and also pass it off as” Its just business”? To this I say No and have always felt that. I’ve no way really understood” Its just business.”

* I’ve no way understood” I had to cheat you out of$ X, but it was just business”,” I know I treated you wrong, but it was just business” what does that really mean?

* Does proper ethical behavior

really bear factual study or is it further of an involuntary response that just occurs like breathing and blinking?

* Is dealing with a person and awaiting honest ethical behavior  a given and smoothened over to allow” more important business issues to be bandied”, or is it the important issue that all additional revolves around?