When the two of you are at home

When you’re at home together, you should make your girlfriend feel unique so that she will value the time she spends with a great guy like you. Your value will be more if you have idea to make her feel special.

For instance: She might initially like his undivided time and attention, but over time she will grow weary of it and start to lose interest in him if he spends most of his time with her without really moving up in life and aiming for his true potential as a man.

Why? Men who don’t hide from life behind a relationship with a woman continue to evoke feelings of respect and attractiveness in women. Your girlfriend needs to know that when you spend time with her at home, it’s because you care about her and want to offer her part of the important time you could be using to further your greatest life goals.

She believes she is the special woman in your life who gets to spend time with you because of this. She doesn’t want to think that you’re a guy who hides from life behind the comfort of hanging out with her because you constantly want to be near her.

When you are in a public place

Knowing that her lover has the self-assurance and emotional masculinity to handle any circumstance that might arise makes a girlfriend feel unique when they are out in public together. He walks boldly through the world and pursues his goals while being a good guy and getting along with others, as opposed to stirring up trouble or picking battles. She might put up with it for a while if she is dating a man who is awkward or insecure in social settings and doesn’t really get along with people, but she won’t feel special having a boyfriend like him.

Women know instinctively that they will be far better off in life if they marry a man who can confidently navigate the world and get along with people, as opposed to a man who feels uneasy in social settings and finds it difficult to get the respect, like, or treatment of others. It makes a woman feel special and fortunate to be his girlfriend when she is walking through a public area with her boyfriend, who she feels comfortable and confident with.

When you have sex with her

Being present in the moment when having sex with your partner is one method to make her feel special. Although you shouldn’t always do that, you should occasionally include presence sex. Make sure to only mix it in rather than immerse her in it if you always do the same thing with her because else it will become predictable, dull, and frustrating for her to have to go through the same thing over and over again.

A girlfriend is made to feel special when you treat her to presence sex because it gives her the impression that you are actually attracted to her and want to spend time with her right then and there, as opposed to just wanting to have sex with her so you can ejaculate and be done with it.