We evaluated all bouquets on arrival to see how they compared to their online photos and what condition the petals, stems and leaves were in. Each arrangement comes with simple care instructions and a mini water dropper to ensure you give your succulents just the right amount of water. Lula’s Garden offers a wide selection of succulents that make great gifts. You can customize the boxes for a birthday or holiday with a festive cover sleeve and initials on the box. In Lab testing, we found the succulents were beautifully packaged and in great condition upon arrival. Give an experiential gift with Petalled, a flower delivery service that provides the blooms and step-by-step instructions to build a DIY bouquet at home.

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When you shop NYC flowers online with Starbright Floral Design, you will see beautiful NYC Flower bouquets hand-crafted with passion, attention to detail, and great care with NYC Flowers Same Day Delivery. Although more expensive, H.Bloom’s Instagram-ready, display-friendly bouquets may be just what you’re looking for. Florist-crafted “arrange your own” bouquets starting at $75, soft pastel springtime roses in a glass vase for $90, or lush garden glamour displays for $195—these fresh blooms are positively luxe.

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If you’re interested in longer-lasting flowers, preserved roses or a dried bouquet are great options. Looking for the perfect gift that you can order and deliver with ease? Frances Flower Shop & Flower Delivery has a wide variety of floral gifts available on our website. No matter the occasion, you can trust our local Little Rock florists to arrange a beautiful floral bouquet that is guaranteed to please. When 買花 want the freshest flowers delivered to that special someone, trust Frances Flower Shop & Flower Delivery for delivery in Little Rock or nationwide. Inspired by Parisian hat boxes, curated by floral design experts at their New York atelier, and crafted with roses sourced from Ecuador, Venus et Fleur luxury preserved roses are meant to last for up to a year.

Mostly they will make an animal sick.” She mentions foxgloves and lilies as common culprits, and the ASPCA has a longer list of flowers and plants you may want to avoid in the home. But the ASPCA advises that if your pet is experiencing lethargy, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, or nausea, you should call your vet immediately. No other company provided packaging that made it feel like we were receiving a beautiful floral arrangement as well as a gift.

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While this service is pricier and requires some of your time to design, it makes for a truly meaningful and memorable flower gift. Don’t underestimate the ability of flowers to turn someone’s day around. Whether you’re sending a bouquet to mark a holiday, celebrate a milestone, or make nice after an argument, we think UrbanStems is the best flower delivery service. Of the nine companies we tried, its stylish arrangements were the most beautiful, the freshest, the most well packaged, and the easiest to order. In addition to Lab testing, we also conducted consumer testing for all services to see how the flowers arrived in real homes and how long they lasted. For anonymity and to test out how easy it is to order online, all testers ordered directly from flower delivery services on their own with a provided gift card.

Here at Proflowers, we want every customer to have a great experience. We go out of our way to provide excellent customer service and ensure that you’re happy when you order flowers online. In addition to offering beautiful flowers online and a wide selection of gifts for all occasions, we also make sure that your flowers are delivered as quickly as possible. Compared to other similar floral wire services, we had a better experience with FTD. The bouquets and plants we received were fuller, fresher, and in better condition than blooms from Flowers. Of course, since orders are typically filled by local florists, your experience may vary depending on who ultimately fills your order.