The Ministry of Education also releases strategic education plans annually. When a student enrols in a public school, a record file is opened for the child , and there’s a continuous evaluation system throughout all grades. Students are marked on each essay, exam and course completed in each subject studied throughout their 13 years of education . In Canada, you can contact your local school district office or the school board to find out which public school your child will be assigned to. In some cities or provinces, parents can choose which public school to send their child/children to.

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On 2017 tests, 75 percent of students in the city’s schools scored proficient in reading and 65 percent did so in math, with both slightly higher than the provincial average. In Ontario, graduation rates for English-learners are not reported separately. The Toronto school system has created several dual-language books with suggested activities and online resources in multiple languages, especially for parents.

The University of Toronto, which serves nearly20,000 international students, estimates the monthly cost of housing for a student to sit somewhere between$1,080 to $2,982 CADin downtown Toronto. The majority of those students came from France, Nigeria, China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Brazil, Iran, India, and Vietnam. We answer all your top questions, including how much it costs to study in Canada, which courses are available and how you can use your Canadian study permit as a pathway to obtain Canadian permanent residence. It’s also never too early to teach your child the value of financial responsibility. HSBC Bank Canada offers a Youth Savings Account designed to help children develop good saving habits early in life with their own bank account.

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Fellow teachers deliver this professional development through the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program . In this program, classroom teachers are recruited or apply to participate in a collaborative project with peers, which may involve investigating their own teaching practices or engaging in another form of education research. These teacher leaders then receive support to design and facilitate professional development based on their research. As part of the program, teachers are expected to develop protocols, organize their own projects, direct research into their practices, and design professional learning for their peers. The Provincial Knowledge Exchange program provides funding for school boards to disseminate TLLP projects to further professional learning. The funding allows school boards to connect prior TLLP participants with school-based learning teams to share best practices.

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Hopefully you’ve already selected the school you want your child to attend. You need to contact the school board in order to find out the process for enrolling your child. It’s a good idea to contact the school to confirm enrolment even before you arrive in Canada, just to ensure you’ll be able to secure a place for your child. After classes are finished, most schools offer some form of extracurricular activities, including music, art, sports, debating, and other clubs and activities (some activities are paused during the COVID-19 pandemic). Elementary and secondary schools in Canada typically start in late August or early September. Notably, French schools exist across Canada, not just in the French-speaking province of Quebec.

In this article, we will explore the basics of schooling in Canada, explain the types of schools, grade structures, levels of education, and outline the process to enroll your kids in school, providing helpful tips all along to guide your decision-making. Post-Graduate Work Permit allows international students to stay in Canada and work for up to three years after graduating. After working in 加拿大移民 for one year, international graduates may be eligible to apply for permanent residency. During scheduled breaks like summer vacation, international students may work full-time. With a Canadian study permit, you can change your school or program at any time.